Pioneers In Colchagua



Bisquertt is a family-owned winery founded by Osvaldo Bisquertt and his wife Soledad Urrutia, who planted their first vineyards in 1965 at the Rinconada de Peralillo estate in the Colchagua Valley. In 1977 they bought a dilapidated old winery in Lihueimo and founded Viña Bisquertt Ltda. In 1980 they sold their first products in Chile, and in 1985 they began exporting to the USA, thus establishing the family winery and reaching an excellent position in the wine market in the 1980s.

In the 1990s they and their children embarked upon an ambitious plan to expand their vineyards and modernize their facilities, and in 2000 they planted their first vineyards in the Marchigüe zone of the Colchagua Valley. Their efforts were recognized in 2002 when the 2000 La Joya Merlot was named the World’s Best Merlot during the International Wine Challenge in London.

In 2007 Osvaldo Bisquertt and Soledad Urrutia turned over the management of the winery to their children, led by Sebastian Bisquertt, who reorganized operations to concentrate on production and marketing of premium wines.

Osvaldo Bisquertt died in 2010, and Viña Bisquertt launched their icon wine, Tralca, in his honor.

In 2014 Wine Spectator magazine included the 2012 La Joya Syrah on its Top 100 Wines of the World list.

Today Viña Bisquertt is present in 30 countries and expects to double its international presence and firmly establish the Viña Bisquertt brand as a global entity by 2025.


Sebastian Bisquertt and his siblings have been in charge of the winery since 2007, and together they continue working toward achieving the maximum potential of their Marchigüe estate with the belief that their work and passion for their wines are enough to want to show the Bisquertt character in every corner of the world.


Years ago, little is known of the real potential of the Colchagua Valley, which is still unknown, preferred to keep a wise anonymity. Don Osvaldo Bisquertt, one of the early visionaries to discover these productive lands, left the project grape production, to embark on the family vineyard, which included more than 500 hectares of land with proximity to the sea, becoming a pioneer in the grape growing in the Colchagua Valley. After working the land Marchigue, Osvaldo decided to continue planting the first vineyards in Piedmont in that area today vineyards The Chequén, giving way to new generations of Bisquertt to launch an ambitious program of terroir.

In the 90s, through the efforts of Wine Industry in the area and drive of Osvaldo Bisquertt, it was possible to form the first wine route in Chile, the same that later would shape the Trade Association, current Viñas de Colchagua.

Thus, from its inception, this family winery has been recognized nationally and internationally for the development of premium wines, sourced, fresh, elegant and expressive, featuring a unique character that is only possible to offer the Colchagua Valley, especially The Chequén in our field located in the coastal area of ​​Marchigue impeccable.



Bisquertt vineyard pioneered the cultivation area Marchigue, and its founder a visionary in this area.Its place of origin is in Colchagua, a province with a forged character and a warm climate, moderated by a mountain range that extends around the entire vineyard, which benefits the ripening and flavor of the grapes.

Currently, Bisquertt is considered one of the most prestigious vineyards of Chile, this is due to hard work, dedication and professionalism that gives each of the members that make up this great team.