“From the depths of the Marchigue bedrock roars the thunderous mystery that bequeaths us all of the love, passion, and strength of our forefathers, those celebrated Pioneers of the Colchagua Valley.”

A tribute to their dedication and
precious legacy. Maximum expression of complexity and elegance, the result of a long and passionate search for our own identity and character.

Tralca is an extremely delicate production that begins in a special sector of our El Chequén estate, where the vines and harvests benet from dierentiated management. This rust-red terroir of volcanic origin and colluvial rocky clay soils whose drainage and porosity allow the roots to dig deep.


24 months in french oak barrels.




Deep ruby red with a light brick tone. Intense, complex nose with a fruit base with a developing bouquet reecting spice and a touch of liqueur. Broad palate with excellent structure and elegant, juicy tannins and fresh acidity evoking ripe red fruit. Notes of mocha and jam on the long, creamy nish.


Ideal with roasted or slow-cooked leaner cuts of meat. Also pairs well with aged cheeses and vegetable casseroles. Serve at 17ºC / 63ºF.