“From the bowels of the mother rock of Marchigue roars like a thunderous thunder mysterious, bequeathing all the love, passion and strength of our parents, undisputed pioneers in the valley of Colchagua.”

A tribute to dedication and invaluable legacy. Maximum expression of complexity, elegance and the result of a prolonged and passionate search for our identity and character.

Tralca is an extremely delicate production born from a special sector of our field. El Chequén Under differentiated management and harvest. This volcanic terroir has colluvial soils of rusty reddish, clayey and rocky, whose drainage and porosity occur in a deep root system


24 months in French oak barrels.




Color rubí profundo de leves matices arcillosos, es un vino de aromas complejos e integrados, con base frutal y evolución a notas especiadas, y de suave licor.  En boca es amplio, excelente estructura, de taninos elegantes y jugosos con una acidez fresca que evoca  fruta roja madura. Posee un final persistente con toques a moka y fruta confitada.


ideally accompany red meats that have soft lean touches, cooked in the oven or slow roast, harmoniously paired with ripe cheeses and vegetable stews. Serve at 17 ° C.