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Petirrojo Organic

Petirrojo is a tribute to the beauty and simplicity of the meadowlark, a typical bird of the Colchagua Valley, that entertains us with its colors, beauty, and simplicity. The plump, lively silhouette, jumping among the vines, always surprises visitors walking among the vineyards. What a lively red creature! Petirrojo Organic come from vineyards managed organically, implementing practices that strengthen the healthy growth of the vines. The care of the vines focuses on respecting the balance of the ecosystem, promoting biodiversity and the use of compost, organic additives, and techniques such as crop rotation, in order to nourish the soil. This form of cultivation increases the health of the vines, fortifying their natural defenses, enriching their organoleptic characteristics, and maintaining the authenticity of the terroir, all while contributing to the production of grapes with richer, more genuine flavors.