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A tribute to the dedication and enduring family legacy. This red grape blend comes from the most qualitative polygons of our El Chequén estate. With low yields, the grapes are selected by hand, and the wine aged for 24 months in new French oak barrels. Tralca is the most elegant and distinguished expression of Bisquertt’s wines.


Vintage 2021 EN ES

Vintage 2020 EN ES

Vintage 2018 EN ES

Vintage 2015 EN ES

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Vintage 2012 EN ES

Vintage 2010 EN ES

Polygon 1

From Barracks 18, from the Carmenere vine, with a soil of solidified ashes with small granite fragments. A soil with medium water retention, restrictive root growth and low fertility. It allows a wine with a medium structure, high sensation of freshness and persistence, elegant wines on the nose.

Polygon 2

From Barracks 26, Cabernet Sauvignon vine, on different soil profiles. The first is clayey soil with organic material, the second is alluvial rocky and the third is compacted with volcanic ash. Good water retention in the first profile, easy water movement in the other profiles, low fertility. A wine of great weight and concentration is achieved, medium palate with tannin present and medium intensity in the nose, but with great complexity.

Polygon 3

From Barracks 7, of the Syrah vine, of ashes with a sandy texture, in which two volcanic phenomena of different dates predominate. It is a soil with medium to low water retention, medium water movement, low fertility. The result is a wine with a medium structure, vertical, good concentration, with high intensity and freshness in the nose.

Polygon 4

From Barracks 22, of the Malbec vine, with an ashy soil in the lower part covered by colluvium on the surface. A soil with medium to low water retention, good water movement in the profile and low fertility. A wine with high structure and concentration, medium intensity and high freshness is achieved.