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Bisquertt Family Vineyard

"For more than 40 years, our philosophy has been to make authentic, expressive wines from our Colchagua Valley vineyards.

Sebastian Bisquertt

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About us

Founded in 1978 by Osvaldo Bisquertt and Soledad Urrutia, Viña Bisquertt is a family winery in the Colchagua Valley, one of the most renowned winemaking valleys in Chile. Our vineyards are located in the Marchihue zone, at the foot of the Coastal Mountains, and a short distance from the Pacific Ocean, both of which lend freshness and acidity to our wines.

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The El Chequén vineyards in Marchihue are among the closest vineyards to the sea in the Colchagua Valley, with a Mediterranean climate influenced by the ocean and the constant coastal breezes. Our 95 hectares of vineyards are spread out on mixed soils with granitic, alluvial, and volcanic components, that together represent a singular terroir.

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Our Wines